Date: TUE – July 5, 2016

Time: 9:30PM



From a tender age, Gina Panizales has spent her life learning and enjoying anything music has to offer. She started out with pop and eventually evolved to Jazz, Blues, R&B and Broadway. Currently active in the KL scene as a freelance artiste and with her quartet GPJQ, she’s performed with some top musicians like Asiabeat (with Lewis Pragasam), Face First (with Greg Lyons), Aztec Jam (with Stuart Henderson), Jungle Jazz (with Dodong Jumawan), the Solianos, Michael Veerapen, to name a few. She has also done guest performances for royalties and charity concerts. She has released 2 albums, “Finally Gina Panizales” – a contemporary mix of Jazz, Latin and R&B, released in April 2008 under Multinum Entertainment, and “Love’s Tapestry” – an acoustic remake of 70s and 80s love songs, released in November 2009 under Poppopmusic.

“While music gives me the substance to be alive, Jazz gives me the freedom of expression.” – Gina Panizales