Hady Afro trio feat. Diana Liu


Sheikh Hady Basmeih is very much inspired by his father, Mansur, who is also a musician made popular with the boogie woogie of piano playing. Hady took his first musical steps at the age of 8, by learning the piano from his father. It wasn’t until he was 17 that Hady’s father taught him to play the classical guitar. He honed his skills as a guitarist (classical and electric) developing a unique style that was an amalgamation of his ever expanding musical tastes.

The musical journey of Diana Liu has taken her far and wide as a vocalist, composer, and producer. She began recording her debut Mandarin album in 2009, containing 10 original tracks composed by the talented young songstress herself. Distributed by Warner Music Malaysia in March 2010,”最美好的 Diana Liu” was produced by Lewis Pragasam, and co-produced by Diana Liu.

June 2012 marked another significant milestone in Diana’s musical career when she released her sophomore album “Sunny Days” also under Warner Music Malaysia. The self-produced album featured an array of her original compositions.

Diana hit the Taiwan trail in November 2015, having covered the large cities of Taipei, Kaohsiung and Tainan before finally returning to Malaysian shores.