Junji Delfino


Junji Delfino has earned one of the top spots in Kuala Lumpur’s jazz nobility since making Malaysia her home some 30 years ago. Known for her impeccable vocal style and elegant stage presence, Ms Delfino has graced many prestigious events that call for class and sophistication. It is no wonder she has been touted as Malaysia’s First Lady of Jazz. A gifted songwriter, lyricist & composer, Ms Delfino has stamped her mark not just in the world of music but also made a name for herself in the local theatre scene.

To date, she has two album credits to her name, with her first solo album HERE I AM receiving rave reviews in both the local press and the internationally renowned & respected portal of all things jazz, allaboutjazz.com. The album launch coincided with her maiden concert, carrying the same title, in 2010. Her theatre and television performances have also not gone unnoticed, earning her the Best Vocal Performer Award at the 9th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2012 for her tribute show, Lush Life, which she performed in mid-2011 under her production company, Jazz Works. Junji Delfino’s career is managed by Jazz Works, a company she founded in 2010.

Jazz Works was the workhorse behind the consecutive successes of the ESG Jazz Festival in 2010 and 2011 as well as the International Jazz Day Jazz Marathon at Mezze Lounge for the last 4 years. Her work history includes stints at well-known hotels and jazz clubs as well as appearances at several jazz festivals, the most recent of which was the just-concluded ASEAN Jazz Festival 2015 which she hosted and performed in. She has performed in many parts of Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok and even as far as San Francisco and Daly City in California. The years have proven that there is no stopping Junji Delfino in her tracks. She is performing like never before and her star is shining ever so brightly.