Stefano Chen pres. NELLA FANTASIA



Vocalist Stefano Chen was trained at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music from 1996-2001 and at the China National Opera House from 2001-2003.


In 2000, he recorded a jazz album in China, Bop Within, and was credited as the first male vocalist to produce such a recording.


In 2004, as a professional music producer, Chen collaborated with the China Record Company to publish a music album A Mountain Hut in Autumn Dusk.


Before returning to Malaysia in 2008, Chen produced and recorded an audiophile album named Guilty Pleasure  and a Chinese New Age album entitled Beijing, The Voices.


In Dec 2010, Stefano was invited by YTL Group to perform at Starhill Gallery, A Journey Through Time IV.

Now based in Kuala Lumpur, Chen currently works as a freelance vocal coach and music producer as well as a professional singer.


Join us for a “musical escapade” !