Date: THU - May 19, 2016
Time: 9:30PM
Admission: RM40
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In the early stage of her music career, Anna's works were featured in various recording artistes' albums in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. The likes of Andy Lau, Kelly Chen, Rainee Yang, Guo-Jing, Penny Tai, Hocc, Fan Bing-Bing, Zeng Yu-Jia and others had sung Anna's compositions.

In 2013, Anna launched her debut album entitled 'Tack', meaning "thank you" in Swedish. After the album launch, Anna continued performing in indie scenes such as Kakiseni Projects, Moonshine Production, Independent Music Showcase, Chinese Independent Music Showcase "Dong Tai Du", "By The Kafka" Showcase in Taipei and was invited to be the featuring guest at Penny Tai's concert in KL Live and Esplanade Singapore. Anna was commissioned by Goethe Insitut to collaborate with a German Visual Artist, Susanne Bosch, who was having a residency programme in Malaysia. She composed a song entitled "Turtles Tame Chaos" dedicated to Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur.

In August 2014, Anna went to Poland for a collaboration with Marek Jakubowicz, a Polish Jazz guitarist.



Platform 11 is an indie band started by singer songwriter Keith Tan. A product of his debut album, also titled 'Platform 11', this band features multiple unique talents that would otherwise exist in separate musical realms in the Malaysian music scene.