Date: WED - May 25, 2016
Time: 9:30PM
Admission: RM40
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The music falls under the shade of the huge umbrella known as 'Musica Popular Brasileira'. This term is widely used to describe all the various genres of music from Brazil, which of course includes Samba, Bossa Nova and other rhythms indigenous to that country plus a healthy dose of Jazz improvisations.

XIONG - "unassuming, quiet, humble and sweet. And even sweeter the Bossa Novas he plays... and sings." - guitarist, composer and arranger have paid his dues playing innumerable club gigs, and through it all, he has work with the likes of Harvey Malaiholo (Indonesian vocalist), Kris Dayanti (Indonesian vocalist), Angelita Li (vocalist from Hong Kong), Jonas Gwanga (Jazz trombonist from South Africa), John Kaizan Neptune (an American shakuhachi exponent), Steve Thornton (percussionist from New York).