Where To Find Live Music In KL

Having the local live music kl scene at an arm’s length while starting into a relaxing evening with friends – FORBIDDEN CITY is ideal for it. No matter if it’s jazz, soul, blues or Irish folk – live music is always an exciting alternative to your regular bar / club nights. Our team wishes you a couple of nice hours in KL’s arguably best live music venue!
If you are looking for a classy night out in KL, Forbidden City might be your preferred choice if you are looking for the best live music in kl. Changkat Bukit Bintang Nightlife is well known for providing a plethora of different establishments, ranging from specialty restaurants to bars and nightclubs. Forbidden City is the first venue aiming at welcoming live music enthusiasts and lovers of an upmarket jazz club ambiance. So join us Tuesday’s to Saturday’s 9:00 pm onwards and witness live music kl at its best. It is noteworthy that our musical program is enhanced by “Vinyl Only” After Show DJ’s, playing you the best of Disco Edits and Originals on the latest Vinyl Record Players!

WHY Forbidden City?

Jazz Clubs & live music are currently thriving in all corners of KL city, in every incarnation you could think of. And while always rewarding to check out a cutting-edge emerging artist in a hip outer-borough space, sometimes you just want a classier, more traditional jazz-club/ live music venue experience. Not to worry: Just like with the artists themselves, we have you covered when it comes to the venue…

So, What makes a good jazz club? The music, of course. The atmosphere. The cultural significance. As an art form born in African-American communities of the 19th century and expanded in the urban melting pots of the 20th, jazz, funk, soul & blues are constructing the melodies of the concrete jungle. Which makes the jazz club an essential element in any modern city’s ecosystem. Sleek, high-end, luxurious and sophisticated, FORBIDDEN CITY KL is a symbol of the globalization of jazz aesthetics, featuring a regular who’s-who of the local live music kl scene along with international talents, such as BALAWAN, STEVE THORNTON, and many more.